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Increased Efficiency in Electronics Production Through Innovative Quality Assurance

Photo courtesy of BST

From March 5-7, 2024, BST GmbH will present its ultra-precise "BEST LINE" product line at  Lopec booth B0.205 in hall B0, featuring pioneering innovations for optimum web guiding, surface inspection, web monitoring, register and coating control. The high-precision quality assurance systems FRAMEGuide Pro, regi_star 20 Pro, iPQ-Check Pro and TubeScan Pro with their advanced functions enable a performance that far exceeds the industry standards.

BST will present innovative solutions that help manufacturers of printed electronics to optimize their sensitive production processes. With its high-precision products, BST provides an answer to the industry's most pressing challenges: inefficient inspection, unplanned machine downtime and resulting delivery delays. With its advanced technologies, BST helps to effectively address these critical issues and measurably increase productivity.

BST's mission is to understand the challenges and problems faced by customers in a wide range of manufacturing industries and to develop systems that help solve them: Through ease of use, long-term process optimization and increased efficiency. "Our goal is to continue to listen to our customers' needs and provide them with holistic solutions to optimize their overall plant operations," says Jörg Westphal, Executive Vice President for the Flexible Materials business unit. He continues: "We will present our concrete visions for the future at Lopec in a poster presentation on "Advanced Web Guiding Solutions". The poster will be on display from March 6-7.

BST GmbH will present four key products at LOPEC:

TubeScan Pro - the high-speed inspection system accurately detects print defects with a resolution of up to 0.1 mm, even at speeds of up to 500 meters per minute. This minimizes waste and significantly improves print quality.

FRAMEGuide Pro - the high-performance web guiding system is ideal for applications that require maximum precision. FRAMEGuide Pro delivers highly accurate control results with repeatability of ±10 μm - an invaluable advantage in applications where maximum precision is required. Its compact design and flexibility make it an ideal solution for demanding industries.

regi_star 20 Pro - The high-resolution RSC matrix camera sensor features ultra-precise measurement accuracy and is essential to produce safety and functionally relevant products in printed electronics. With its high-precision scanning and control algorithms, regi_star 20 Pro detects even the smallest deviations in the smallest dot-mark fields and enables ultra-precise measurement accuracy of up to 2 μm.

CLS CAM 100 - the camera-based sensor controls the web directly according to objects or motifs in the center of the web to minimize variations in web width and thus improve process reliability and product quality. The CLS CAM 100 provides maximum flexibility by eliminating the control line without compromising control accuracy.

For more information, visit www.bst.elexis.group

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