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Double E Group Debuts New Appleton Side Load Slabber for the Converting Industry

Photo courtesy of Double E Group

New Side Load Slabber Reduces Cut and Strain Injuries While Increasing Efficiency In Slabbing Operations.

Featuring a number of safety features and built upon a time-proven design, Appleton’s Side Load Slabber is the newest addition to their popular line of slabbers. The Side Load Slabber is a self-enclosed, semi-automatic circular blade solution that dramatically increases the safety and efficiency of slabbing operations.

“The Slabber line from Appleton has helped countless companies optimize their waste stream without putting operators at risk of personal injury,” offers Matt Spang – Double E Group’s V.P. of Sales. “With this newest addition, Appleton can offer a quick shipping solution for the most common sized applications.  The Appleton team is excited to help our customers continue to solve problems in their plant.”

Operation is easy. The operator simply loads the rolls into the Side Load Slabber and then starts the slabbing process. The automated circular knife makes multiple passes over the roll cutting away the material. Once the slabbing operation is complete the operator safely removes the shaft and core from the system.

Gone are the dangerous cut and strain hazards of manual knife slabbing. In their place is a safe and efficient automated cutting solution that removes operators from the dangers of manual slabbing via a protective enclosure and multiple electronic sensors that will stop the Side Load Slabber should an operator enter the cutting area. The Appleton Side Load Slabber is a dramatically safer option to a traditionally dangerous procedure.

“We are very excited to release this new, standard option to Appleton’s extensive Slabber product offering,” says  Eric Quandt – Appleton General Manager. “It was designed based on years of Appleton Slabbing experience to provide for a readily available, quick-build option to our customers. A heavy focus was put on delivering a product to meet the needs of the majority of our customers and provide a less-custom solution. We believe the Side Load Slabber delivers on all counts.”

Side Load Slabber Features:

  • Easy-to-use; robustly designed
  • Eliminates utility knives, reducing cut and strain injuries
  • Increases waste recovery
  • Allows reuse of expensive cores
  • Can handle almost any material on any size core
  • Designed and programmed around your application requirements
  • Pause and peel functionality for difficult materials

For more information, visit http://www.ee-co.com.

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