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GlobalVision Launches Groundbreaking OCR Feature: A Leap Into AI for Pharma Regulatory and Proofreading Teams

The leader in document quality control software for regulated industries, GlobalVision, announced today that Optical Character Recognition (OCR) will now be available in its Verify automated proofreading platform.

The addition of OCR to the Verify platform marks a strategic launch into Artificial Intelligence—aligning with GlobalVision's commitment to empowering Regulatory Affairs, Commercial, and Labeling professionals with cutting-edge solutions.

OCR Technology Gap Impairs Efficiency, Increases Error and Compliance Risks, Delays Time to Market

Without OCR proofreading technology, teams currently struggle with manual processes, facing challenges in handling flattened documents containing rasterized text1, forcing them to perform visual text extractions and manual proofreadings. This impediment is often out of their control, as documents arrive on their desk after being handled by multiple stakeholders throughout their complex workflows. In the absence of OCR technology, this hinders efficiency for teams in the pharmaceutical and CPG industries, exposes them to potential errors and compliance risks, and compromises consumer and patient safety.

The difficulty of these unsustainable and unscalable processes is compounded when teams are additionally faced with localization and translation tasks necessary for their often multinational operations.

Regulatory teams face the hurdle of dealing with rasterized regulatory documents, leading to manual inspections, increased error risks, and workflow inefficiencies—commercial teams and agencies encounter difficulties in handling vast amounts of promotional content manually, hindering creativity and increasing error risks—and labeling teams grapple with proofreading tasks on labels within strict deadlines, delaying product time to market.

Verify’s AI-Powered Optical Character Recognition technology is designed to revolutionize how regulatory, commercial, agencies, and labeling teams handle text within their document review processes, bringing automation and accuracy to the forefront.

GlobalVision's OCR Feature Marks a Significant Disruption in the Industry

As AI technology takes center stage of today’s digital landscape, Verify's OCR capabilities are set to transform how professionals in regulated industries handle reviews, inspections, and approvals, bringing unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and compliance.

“Our OCR technology has been fine-tuned and rigorously tested over the last year. Using the most advanced AI technologies available, we believe this marks a significant step forward in the industry, and we're excited to see this feature launch from our beta program,” said Michael Malz, Chief Product Officer at GlobalVision.

By adopting Verify’s OCR feature, multinational brands can ensure regulatory compliance as well as marketing and labeling excellence.

As the industry evolves, embracing OCR and other AI-powered technology will become synonymous with efficiency, accuracy, and compliance, putting non-adopting teams at a disadvantageous position. GlobalVision invites teams to embrace this transformative technology and elevate regulatory operations, achieve brand excellence, and accelerate time-to-market.

To learn more visit visit globalvision.co/verify .

 1Text converted into a pixel-based image, losing vector properties and clarity.

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