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Poka launches Connected Worker application to integrate Apple Vision Pro for immersive frontline worker support

Photo courtesy of Poka

Poka, an IFS Company, has announced Poka for Apple Vision Pro, a revolutionary new app, developed for its industry leading Connected Worker platform. The integration of Apple’s advanced device combined with the already intuitive Poka platform allows manufacturing organizations to improve productivity, operational efficiency, and worker safety by leveraging spatial computing and augmented reality to redefine task execution and enhance training.

Poka for Apple Vision Pro is available for immediate download from the Apple App Store. It allows users to seamless transition between fully immersive digital content and augmented physical reality to precisely manipulate 3D models of physical objects using their eyes, hands, and voice to provide a full-fledged, immersive experience across all manufacturing and training processes.

“The combination of immersive technology and spatial computing in a connected workforce environment marks the beginning of the Industrial Metaverse,” said Antoine Bisson, CTO of Poka. “It is a true game-changing development for manufacturing organizations and holds huge potential to put people front and center in the manufacturing process – both on the frontline and for their learning and development. Providing workers with a much more immersive experience results in better training, factory floor communication, and hands-free productivity.”

On the manufacturing frontline, workers are presented with a larger visual desktop that can overlay Poka application windows without obstructing people or the busy shop floor. For example, the Factory Feed or Analytics Dashboards can be opened and within view for quick and easy reference. Workers can also execute tasks and checklists through voice commands, streamlining operations and ensuring critical information is always accessible.

For more effective training, Poka for Apple Vision Pro can be used to film instructions from a first-person point-of-view. Not only does this avoid the need to have two people when creating content (the videographer and the trainer), it makes the training video more impactful and effective. For those interested in fully leveraging the full experience, Poka recommends uploading 3D CAD drawings and starting to create training content using Apple Vision Pro.

First available February 2024, Poka customers are able to download the app from the App Store. There is no special configuration needed in Poka to support the platform and existing content in Poka can be accessed immediately.

Learn more at www.poka.io .

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