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From Insight to Impact: Navigating the Future of Labels and Packaging with Keypoint Intelligence’s Jeff Wettersten at Bobst’s Open House

Keypoint Intelligence proudly announces that its Vice President of the Labels and Packaging Printing Advisory Service, Jeff Wettersten, will be a Keynote speaker at the upcoming Bobst Open House. This event marks the grand unveiling of Bobst's state-of-the-art Atlanta competence center. Attendees are invited to an exclusive preview of the future of labels and packaging, showcasing innovative technologies and trends shaping the industry.

In his talk, “Industry Transformation: Facilitating the Growth of Digital Print in Packaging by Connecting Buyers with Sellers Across the Value Chain,” he will unveil insights into the evolving world of labels and packaging. He will share key findings from Keypoint Intelligence’s recently published “State of the Industry for Narrow Web Labels,” to offer a forward-looking perspective for actionable direction to navigate the changes and opportunities that lie ahead.

During his keynote, Mr. Wettersten will address the importance of brand adoption of printed labels, revealing the value of printed labels, and how to use them for maximum impact. Highlighting key research, he will explore the anticipated needs of label converters and present ways they can harness the latest advancements in digital technology, chemistry, materials, and software to succeed today and in the future.

In an era where digital advancements are reshaping the industry, professionals must grasp the transformative potential these innovations bring to the Labels and Packaging sector. “Understanding both the benefits and challenges is key to forging a path towards success. Through strategic navigation, we can sidestep common obstacles and harness the full power of digital technology for a prosperous future," remarked Wettersten. His extensive background, combined with the cutting-edge insights from Keypoint Intelligence, renders his sessions at the Bobst Open House not just informative, but indispensable.

For more information, visit Keypoint Intelligence.

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