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Sun Chemical Recognized by FTA for Sustainability Excellence

Sun Chemical was recognized during the 2024 Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) Excellence in Flexography Award Competition for its SunUno Solimax AP

Sun Chemical was recognized during the 2024 Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) Excellence in Flexography Award Competition for its SunUno Solimax AP, a multi-purpose ink series which enhances packaging sustainability. 

“Sun Chemical is fully committed to the development of sustainable printing solutions and SunUno Solimax AP is an example of one of our unique offerings that promotes the environmental objectives of packaging printers and their brand owner customers,” said Nikola Juhasz, Ph.D., Global Technical Director of Sustainability, Sun Chemical. “This FTA award is a deeply appreciated recognition of the work we are doing to improve sustainability across all aspects of our business and further inspires us on our journey towards developing the next innovation.”

A highly versatile ink series, SunUno Solimax AP provides a single platform that can cover multiple end-use applications and is TÜV Austria-certified as “OK Compost” for compostable packaging. The multipurpose solvent-based inks are designed for printing on a wide range of plastic films intended for both external surface/reverse printing and lamination with adhesives. 

The inks’ applicability across a wide range of printing and packaging applications minimizes or avoids costly and waste-generating press startups and shutdowns, leading to more efficient and sustainable converter operations. Ink inventory is minimized and press returns can be handled readily, both of which avoid additional waste. Because SunUno Solimax inks enable compostable packaging, less waste ends up in landfills, demonstrating how the ink technology leads to more sustainable end-of-life scenarios. 

At the core of SunUno Solimax AP's development is Sun Chemical's commitment to enhancing the eco-efficiency of printing processes and packaging structures. This latest offering exemplifies how Sun Chemical continues to align its goals with the United Nations' 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by delivering products that offer tangible sustainability benefits.

"This year's Sustainability Excellence Award Competition had more entries than ever before, owing to the fact that sustainability is no longer just a trend—it is an essential component of the packaging supply chain,” said Brad Pareso, President, Flexographic Technical Association. “FTA is happy to recognize Sun Chemical's commitment to sustainable flexographic printing."

As the packaging industry evolves towards more environmentally responsible solutions, SunUno Solimax AP stands as a testament to Sun Chemical's ongoing dedication to innovation, sustainability, and efficiency. This pioneering ink system is poised to transform package printing, making it more adaptable to the demands of a rapidly changing industry.

To learn more about Sun Chemical’s efforts to promote sustainable solutions, download the company’s latest sustainability report at www.sunchemical.com/sustainability.

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