Flexo Concepts Relocates Manufacturing Plant

PLYMOUTH, MA, USA—Flexo Concepts, manufacturers of plastic doctor blades for the converting and package printing industry, reports it's relocated its manufacturing, shipping, and customer service to Plymouth, MA. According to Flexo Concepts, the move occurred during a three-day period in October without any interrpution in the above-listed services.

"Relocating our manufacturing equipment, people, and infrastructure was a huge project," says Kevin McLaughlin, president. "The fact that we succeeded without missing a single day of shipments or customer service calls demonstrates the quality and dedication of our employees and key vendors." Co. adds the new location will enhance its development of its next generation of doctor blades, including its recently released DuraPoint and Onyx products.

Now located thirty miles south of its former location, Flexo Concepts street address and contact information follows:

Flexo Concepts
11 Raffaele Rd., Plymouth, MA 02360
508/830-9506 (ph); 508/830-0277 (fax)
Visit Flexo Concepts at flexoconcepts.com.

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