Boston Gear Celebrates 125th

QUINCY, MA, USA—Boston Gear, a member of the Colfax Power Transmission Group, reports the celebration its 125th anniversary this year. Boston Gear says it's been a pioneer and premiere provider in the power transmission industry since 1877, and with its innovative products, "continues to advance the industry to new levels," adds co.

"Boston Gear has show its strength and originality in many ways over the years. The vast array of products we have developed are only some of the things of which we are so proud," says Charlie Nims, president of the Colfax Power Transmission Group. "We are also proud of the fact Boston Gear has led the way with many programs that have made quality service and on-time delivery synonymous with our name. The trust that we have developed with our distribution partners and customers is a strong bond and one that only longevity in the marketplace can build."

According to the co., in 1899, Boston Gear was the first catalog to contain complementary products, and in 1968 introduced the modular worm gear speed reducer. The company manufactures high-performance power transmission products and parts, including enclosed gear drives, open gearing, motors, clutches, bearings, and other accessories. To find out more about Boston Gear visit

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