Kodak Stays on Top of JDF

ROCHESTER, NY | The Intl. Cooperation for the Integration of the Processes in Prepress, Press, and Postpress (CIP4) organization and PIA/GATF administer the JDF Product Certification Program. Kodak Preps imposition software received the first certification under JDF 1.3-LayCrImp (Layout Creator to Imposition), Base ICS Level 0. Preps software is compatible with more than 20 vendors of MIS, prepress, press, and finishing systems, such as Heidelberg, Agfa, Screen, and Muller Martini. Preps software first was certified under JDF 1.2-LayCrImp, Base ICS Level 0 in September 2006 with Kodak Pandora software certified against the same ICS in September 2007.

In addition to Preps and Pandora software, other Kodak Unified Workflow Solutions that utilize JDF format include the Prinergy workflow system, Prinergy Connect workflow system, Prinergy Evo workflow system, NexStation system software, UpFront production planning software, Prinergy Business Link software, and others. See kodak.com.

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