Cortegra Debuts Biometric Authentication Technology

Fairfield, NJ | Cortegra Group, a provider of packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical and related industries, introduced a new brand authentication technology at Interphex 2008. This Biometric Authentication Technology, available exclusively from Cortegra, represents an entirely new level of product security and brand protection that delivers an anti-counterfeiting solution based on the unique natural microstructures found in the substrate of an individual package, according to the company.

This camera-based technology captures the information embedded in the structure of a particular package and transforms it into a digital signature using a proprietary software solution.  The "digital signature" is based on the random characteristics of the structure and cannot be easily duplicated. In fact, it is more unique than a fingerprint with only 1 in 10 to the 27th power having identical configurations, the company reports.

Currently used in high security markets, such as secured documents, currency, and high-end cosmetics, this patented technology has no known method of counterfeiting and can be utilized at multiple entry points in the supply chain.  

Key Benefits Of Cortegra’s Biometric Authentication Technology Include:

  • High security solution that cannot be replicated and does item level authentication
  • Requires no changes or additions to the product and/or package
  • Applicable to all types of packaging substrates
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing technologies and E-Pedigree solutions
  • Easy integration with ERP data and software
  • Real-time registering with no impact on production lines
  • Non-destructive readings
  • Can be made overt with digital signature
  • Extremely low per-item cost with little capital investment needed to deploy
  • Can be linked with other data such as date codes, production data, barcodes, etc.
  • Utilizes a convenient handheld reader/verifier which allows for easy field authentication
  • Potential for consumer verification through cell phone camera
  • In addition to protecting against counterfeiting, it tracks diversion of product
For more information, contact Cortegra at 973 -808-8000; fax at 973-808-8010, or by visiting

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