New Komori Presses, Fujifilm's Taskero Universe Demonstrations

VALHALLA, NY | Komori America Corp. and FUJIFILM Graphic Systems USA have come together to demonstrate the latest pressroom technologies, including Komori's AI advanced integration software that enhances productivity and reduces waste and Fujifilm's Taskero Universe, during a series of Technology Demo Days at Komori's Demonstration Ctr. in Rolling Meadows, IL. The Technology Demo Days, which will be held on March 10 - 12, 2009, include live demonstrations of both technologies and will serve as the debut for the press application of Taskero Universe.

Komori's proprietary new advanced interface (AI) software significantly improves profitability through reduced waste, and significantly improves press productivi ty and print quality, the company reports. The new AI technology allows all press functions to be preset from the console, saving time and money. In addition, the AI software also has self-learning technology that progressively updates press settings over time to reduce waste.

Making its on-press debut and running live during the demonstrations is Fujifilm's Taskero Universe, a process-based business solution that increases profitability and reduces waste. It is designed to give printers an unparalleled level of quality control, from the prepress stage all the way through to the pressroom and across a number of output devices–including the full line of Komori presses–and locations.

“There's been a significant amount of development aimed at helping printers secure additional projects–preflighting software, job submission applications,” notes Don Schroeder, Fujifilm's director of solutions development. “But, who's paying attention to what's actually coming off of the press? Who is verifying and assisting printers ensure that the quality coming off of the back end is what their customers expect? That's precisely what Taskero Universe does.”

Taskero Universe monitors color throughout the entire production process, verifying it against any tolerance. It delivers real time information about the status of the press and provides users with invaluable data–including paper usage, ink performance and pressroom condition–and analyzes it to identify trends, build reports and capture important press performance information. Additionally, Taskero Universe features a built-in reporting tool, allowing printers to pull reports and send them to other personnel as well as customers as a PDF document, and customized branding that can be tailored for each of a printer's customers.

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