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AIMCAL & CEMA To Host AWEB Applied Web Handling Conference

FORT MILL, SC | On May 17—20, the Assn. of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters & Laminators (AIMCAL) and the Converting Equipment Mfrs. Assn. (CEMA) will host its biennial AWEB Applied Web Handling Conference at the Radisson Hotel Rochester Riverside in Rochester, NY.

Open to both members and non-members of AIMCAL and CEMA, the conference will feature technical presentations and business networking opportunities that can directly improve productivity and/or reduce waste generation in web handling processes. Core subject matter will include exceptional and innovative web handling techniques, equipment, design, materials and process improvements for a target audience comprising technical professionals with engineering, quality, and production control functions involving web handling and converting.

In addition to the agenda overview of the presentations below will be vendor sessions as well as a table-top exhibition and reception. Also complementing the the conference sessions will be a tour and demonstration at the Optimation web handling facility. RegistrationEarly Bird Rates are good through April 15.

• Optional short course on “Electrostatics in Web Handling”: Prof. Thomas B. Jones and Dr. Kelly Robinson
• Optional short course on :A Practical Approach to Eliminate Web Wrinkling:: Timothy J. Walker; Dilwyn Jones; and Dr. David R. Roisum
• Optimizing Drive Systems for Energy Savings: William Gilbert
• The Age of Direct Drive: David Hansen and Steve Feketa
• Commissioning a Multi-Tension Zone drive System for Web Handling: Clarence Klassen
• Troubleshooting Draw & Tension Variations on Printing Presses & Converting Equipment b Use of Laser Doppler Velocimetry Sensors: Frederic Parent
• A Paradigm Shift in Knife Holder Slitting Technology: Dave Rumson
• Electronic Knife Holder Operation & the Potential for Controlling the Slitting Process with Real Time Data Acquisition: Dave Rumson
• Core: Manufacturing, Specifications, Testing & Failure: Dr. David Roisum
• Cores & Beyond: The Foundation of Winding: Dr. David Roisum
• Controlling Static in Winding Rolls, Dr. Kelly Robinson
• Measurement & Modeling of Nip Roller Feed Rates: Dr. Kevin Cole
• Curl in the Lab & on the Machine: Dilwyn Jones
• Strain Matching & Practical Process Considerations for Masking Film Lamination: Robert Updike
•  Wrinkling at Nip Rollers: Timothy J. Walker
• Get Closer to the Design Speed of Your Web Machine–Roll Alignment as a Crucial Factor: Dominique Gallou
• Taping Rollers for Traction & Spreading: Jerry Brown
• 3-D Analytical Comparison of Cross Web Strains & Their Relationship to Wrinkle Formation: Dr. Brant Ross
• Is There Any Science for D-bars and Bent Pipes?: Jerry Brown
• Wrinkling & Spreading of Wide Webs: Timothy J. Walker
• Applied Web Handling & Winding Principles for Troubleshooting Web & Roll Defects: R. Duane Smith
• Dead Trees & Web Handling: Dr. David R. Roisum
• Web Handling Goes On-Line (2010 Update): Dilwyn Jones

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