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CMM to Sponsor UV/EB Curing Sessions for Packaging at RadTech Intl. Event

BETHESDA, MD, USA—According to RadTech International, the organization is partnering with CMM (Converting Machinery/Materials) to present a comprehensive look at UV and EB printing at the upcoming RadTech event. Slated for April 28–May 1, 2002, at the Indiana Convetion Center, Indianapolis, IN, RadTech 2002 is said to be the largest planned conference and trade show on the fast-growing uses of ultraviolet (UV) light and electron beams (EB) "for the rapid, environmentally friendly curing of coatings and inks."

The co-sponsored CMM and RadTech sessions are scheduled for April 30, 2002, and will feature a full-day of UV and EB learning, available in three different sessions: "Food Packaging"; "Troubleshooting with UV and EB"; and "Conversion of Presses to UV and EB." Says Sun Chemical's Tony Bean (and co-chair of the RadTech Graphic Arts Focus Group): "With the wide use of the technology, our goal was to create a program addressing the hot topics concerning UV and EB curing."

Adds Don Duncan of Wikoff Color and co-chair of the committee, "Food packaging is certainly at the top of the list when we look at areas where better information needs to reach the graphics arts industry, as misconceptions about the use of UV and EB seem to persist."

For more information about RadTech 2002, visit radtech.org, or contact Goyer Management at 513/624-9988.

More information about CMM 2003 is available at cmmshow.com.

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