Goebel Marks a Long Manufacturing History

DARNSTADT, GERMANY | Goebel is celebrating 160 years as a manufacturer. Founded in 1851 by Johann G. Goebel, the company initially produced presses, pumps, and weighing machines. In 1856 Goebel produced the first machine for paper, and in 1883, Johan Goebel developed a machine said to be the first to allow the production of a genuinely smooth roll face. Patents were filed over the next few years for key innovations, including the Goebel slitting system.

In 2001 the company decided to focus solely on the construction of slitter/rewinders for paper manufacturers and converters, the plastic film and metal foil industry, and the packaging industry. The company name changed to Goebel Schneid-und Wickelsyteme GmbH, and 2005 saw the takeover of Senntech AG, Goebel to expand its product range to include machines for the manufacture of small and short-length rolls. Continuing to evolve this year, Goebel broke the width barrier with its 11-m-wide monoslit, supplied to the Chinese film industry.

"Over many decades, and through the upheavals of two world wars, our company has developed into a global player for slitter/rewinders," says Dr. Ralf Enderle, managing director of Goebel. From the very beginning, our work evolved around paper and, after the advent of plastic, also film. One key to our success over the last 160 years is that we are always anticipating the needs of tomorrow."

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