Independence Corrugated Installs Waste Tracking System

Kenosha, WI | Independence Corrugated, Oak Creek, WI, recently installed RTC Technologies’ Scrap Trakker system to help its facility take better control of waste.

“After careful consideration, we decided that Scrap Trakker is a worthwhile investment, and it very well could be for any plant that would like to take a more ‘computer-driven’ approach to waste tracking,” explains Chad Gillenwater, process manager at Independence Corrugated.

Designed specifically for the corrugated industry, Scrap Trakker is a data collection and administrative software system combined with a hardware package utilizing touchscreen and bar code technologies.

“Scrap Trakker was implemented here because we wanted to move in a direction that allowed operators to directly input waste into a centralized system,” adds Gillenwater. “The production workers on the floor are excited to use a system that eliminates the need for paperwork, as opposed to charting their inputs on a spreadsheet like we had been doing since the plant opened in 2004.”

The automated system is designed to be operator friendly and takes steps out of the process of collecting scrap data on the plant floor. The real-time reporting helps supervisors make better decisions on the fly, helping each machine on each shift reduce its scrap.


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