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Hillsboro, NH | Osram Sylvania considers itself the world leader in automotive lighting solutions, and in keeping with its top-notch image it’s rolling out new retail product packaging to strengthen the Sylvania brand. The redesign incorporates clean, crisp designs, says Denise Champagne, marketing manager for Osram Sylvania, to “form an identity for each of our products that will easily alert anyone purchasing a Sylvania light about its outstanding features. . . . “

A uniform theme, consistent branding, and easy-to-understand icons communicate product features while grabbing the attention of consumers and communicating the distinct benefits of each product family. SilverStar Ultra and SilverStar products now feature a glossy UV coating, embossing, and hot-stamped foil accents in gold and silver foils, respectiveley.

In addition, overall, the new changes reduce the amount of plastic in the packaging by encasing products in contoured, tighter fitting blisters, instead of bulky loose-fitting plastic “windows” made of two pieces of plastic as previously used. The new trapped bliste package structure and form-fitting blisters make for a better theft-resistant package solution, says the company, while also using less plastic and reducing cubic volume of the premium SilverStar and SilverStar Ultra product packaging by up to 78%, resulting in an environmental savings on shipping volume and fuel. For more information, visit http://www.sylvania.com/ConsumerProducts/AutomotiveLighting/.

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