Ethos Water Sports Clear P-S Label

MASON, OH | Spear provided technical support for new pressure-sensitive clear labeling and expansion of the filling platform for Ethos Water, a Starbucks brand since 2005. As a staple item in Starbucks stores, along with expanded distribution in major grocery, convenience, and drug stores, the brand wanted to raise its market profile, which led to a major package redesign that took advantage of many elements of Spear and the SpearSYSTEM. The new bottles (500 ml, 700 ml, and liter) sport clear, p-s screen/flexo combination printed labels, featuring an Ethos Water brand icon on the front label and a frosted map of the world on the back label. Both can be viewed from either side of the bottle. Spear helped develop optimum label size and shape with Krones and assisted in retrofitting existing application equipment as well as wrote the programming of the label equipment software. Spear application engineers were also on hand for equipment installation and start-up support for all three bottle sizes to ensure initial filling success. Visit:

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