Flat Scanning System Reads Film Thickness

MISSISSAUGA, ON, CANADA | Macro Engineering bases its new D10 PROflat System blown film gauge control system on its D10 PRO Automatic Dual Lip Air Ring and a flat gauge sensor that can measure individual layer thicknesses. Air ring uses patented valve technology that redistributes the cooling air supplied to the air ring to make appropriate film gauge correction. Said to provide excellent bubble stability and reliable gauge improvements. Flat scanning system reads film thickness after the bubble has been collapsed. Software, developed in collaboration with ThermoFisher Scientific, takes into account the rotation of the primary nip’s randomizer to extrapolate the precise location at the air ring where the film passed through. Software feedback signals allow the air ring to make precise air flow adjustments to correct the gauge. A full scan of the flattened bubble width is possible in seconds, instead of minutes as with previous rotating technology, to generate less scrap. System’s speed also shortens initial startup as the first full scan can be completed much earlier. FSIR sensor enables the processor to measure individual layer thicknesses in a multilayer film and allows limiting the use of costly barrier resins.

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