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Predict, Produce Printed Packages Cost Effectively

ROCHESTER, NY | Kodak’s Flexcel NX Digital Flexographic System is said to reproduce predictably and consistently printed labels, sleeves, pouches, and cartons utilizing different presses even at different suppliers in different countries, while being cost effective. Claiming gravure-like results, the system comprises software and equipment for proofing, prepress, and platemaking. The Approval NX Digital System includes proofing software to reproduce—on the final substrate—fast and accurate spot colors, adjustable density and curves for color matching flexibility, and Approval packaging color donors for maximum possible color gamut. Prepress and platemaking utilize Kodak Prinergy PowerPack Workflow System 4.0. Prepress provides a single color fingerprint test; a compensation curve is applied to achieve standard target Flexcel NX Digital Flexographic Plate curves; and uses offset separation with offset angles. Flexcel NX plates require no solvent processing and, by eliminating oxygen between a laminated Thermal Imaging Layer and the Flexcel NX Digital Flexographic plate, user can achieve flat-top dots and up to 300 line screens. Durable plates can reduce the number used to run long jobs, and they can be stored and reused for subsequent runs to minimize the environmental impact and waste in both the prepress and press room. Flexcel NX also won the 2009 Flexographic Technical Association Technical Innovation Award.

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