PSTC Offers Training At Chemsultants

MENTOR, OH | The Mentor technical facility of Chemsultants Intl. has been selected as the preferred hands-on training facility for members of the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council (PSTC), Naperville, IL, as well as other industry members.

This is a new step in the relationship between PSTC and Chemsultants, which together formed the Alliance for Excellence in Tape Testing in 2005 to provide educational opportunities and resources on proven tape testing methods and state-of-the-art tape testing equipment.

This year a new PSTC Education Program focused on “Manufacturing and Testing” will be held at the Mentor facility in September. This program is one part of the PSTC Education series offering training from fundamentals to advanced concepts. This new module will provide hands-on experience in the testing laboratory as well as on actual 24-in.-wide pilot coating, laminating, and converting equipment. Another program is being developed for the summer of 2011 that will focus on applications for PSA tape developed for technical and sales specialists in the business.

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