Troika Systems Celebrates 21 Years in Business

HIGHWORTH, WILTSHIRE, UK | Troika Systems is a global designer and developer of quality control 2D and 3D microscopes with the Anilox Management System, Gravure Cylinder management System, and the Plate-2-Print HD analysis tool for what is said to be quick and easy analysis of the final print or flexo plates for the print packaging industry. The company now is marking 21 years in business, celebrating with the largest ever single order for its flagship product the AniCAM with Anilox QC.

AniCAM, with its QC products, measures the surface profile of anilox rolls, gravure cylinders, sleeves, and plates used to deliver the correct volume of ink to the material to be printed, reportedly helping to save press set-up time, reduce waste, and increase profits.

The company reports more than 900 AniCAMs and 1000 Plate-II-Print units have been sold to date to the label, wide web, corrugated, and security print markets globally.

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