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PIA Announces Advocacy Group for Print

PITTSBURGH, PA | Printing Industries of America (PIA) has launched Print Powers America, an industry-wide initiative committed to collectively voicing the economic influence, consumer impact, and environmental stewardship made possible by print and packaging companies across the country. This multi-faceted advocacy initiative combines lobbying, grassroots action, and public affairs to promote and protect the printing and graphic communications industry.

"Printing Industries of America has long had a presence in Washington and has notched significant legislative and regulatory wins on behalf of companies throughout the industry," says Bryan Hall, chairman of the board of directors of PIA. "We believe it is time to raise the volume of our collective voices to match the combined economic might of our industry."

The centerpiece of Print Powers America is a new website said to provide valuable information on the dramatic economic, environmental, and consumer impact and the reach of print and packaging.

"Now more than ever, the industry as a whole needs to rally behind a powerful advocacy initiative which will shine a spotlight on print's importance and relevance in today's economy," says Michael Makin, president and CEO of Printing Industries of America. "Print Powers America is open to all print and packaging companies, regardless of membership status in PIA. Contribution levels are tiered by number of employees so that the smallest print shop to the largest corporation can be equal partners in support of this cause."

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