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SUN Automation Group Highlights Latest Innovations and Key Partnerships at CorrExpo 2023

SUN Automation Group (SUN), a global industry leader of innovative corrugated solutions for feeding, printing, and converting, welcomes customers to CorrExpo in Booth 101 at the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland, Ohio from August 28-30.

Visitors can learn more about the SUN625® Rotary Die Cutter, SUN’s next-level solution for corrugated manufacturing. With comprehensive feeding, printing, and converting capabilities, the fixed-frame system offers more production volume than two traditional RDC machines, while also producing superior container quality.

“We're incredibly excited to share SUN625® at CorrExpo,” said Gokul Gopakumar, Vice President of Technology and Business Development. “The technology embodies our commitment to innovation and productivity and offers unprecedented cost savings to our customers. It sets new standards in efficiency and versatility, and we look forward to engaging in discussions about its transformative capabilities in August."

SUN will also be highlighting Helios, the company’s machine learning and IIoT platform. The SaaS solution quantifies and analyzes key elements of the corrugated manufacturing process. With this data, box plant leaders are empowered to make more efficient and informed decisions around when to schedule downtime and order parts to prevent machine failure.

"Helios saves box plants time and money by enabling their equipment to work smarter, not harder,” said Gopakumar. “Its machine learning capabilities enable predictive maintenance, and its real-time remote monitoring allows for quick identification and resolution of issues. Helios is the 21st-century solution for optimizing the manufacturing process."

In addition, SUN will feature their breadth of strategic global partnerships at CorrExpo. By combining the experience, equipment, service, and technology of experts worldwide, SUN is able to provide the right solution for any operation and accommodate even the most unique needs.

“Our strategic partnerships allow us to stake our claim as a total solutions provider for the corrugated industry,” said Greg Jones, Executive Vice President. “We are able to capitalize on our all-encompassing resources to provide individualized solutions for our customers. We look forward to demonstrating how our expanded knowledge, experience, and global presence can serve the corrugated community.”

SUN is proud to maintain key partnerships to provide solutions for increasing production, efficiency, and profitability. When CorrExpo attendees visit SUN’s booth this year, they will also have the opportunity to meet and learn more about these strategic partners.

  • Latitude Machinery Group (LMC)
    • Since August 2019, SUN Automation Group has been the exclusive representative for Latitude Machinery Corp. (LMC) in North and Central America. As a world-class manufacturer of Rotary Die Cutters and Flexo Folder Gluers and with over 100 machine installations in North America, LMC has an outstanding reputation for reliability and throughput.
  • PARA Srl Machinery and Material Handling for Corrugated Board
    • As a globally integrated Italian material handling company and partner to SUN since 2021, PARA boasts a vast variety of material handling solutions for the corrugated industry, with over 15,000 products installed world-wide. PARA’s extensive product range includes pre-feeders, palletizers, RDC stackers, bundle breakers, pallet inserters, vertical storage solutions, paper mill roll transports, and unit conveyor systems.
  • Al-Gar
    • Al-Gar, SUN’s newest partner, is a global leader offering corrugated engineering solutions. Based in Barcelona, Spain, the company provides expertise and resources to optimize manufacturing processes, with customizable solutions for design, control systems, retrofits, and maintenance. Al-Gar bolsters its comprehensive services with its top-of-line product offerings engineered to enhance corrugated, paper, and converting operations.
  • eProductivity Software Packaging (ePS)
    • SUN’s strategic partnership with ePS works to provide the most comprehensive software solutions for the corrugated and packaging industries. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, ePS offers a robust portfolio of highly flexible, modular packaging software solutions built to enable revenue growth, improve operational efficiency, and reduce manufacturing costs. ePS software is seamlessly integrated with SUN’s Helios platform, empowering customers to not only unlock intricate insights into machine settings and patterns but also to transform their operations into a more proactive, efficient, and evolved system.
  • Highcon
    • SUN and Highcon have been cultivating a growing relationship since 2021. Highcon represents the digital arm of corrugated converting solutions, bringing a patented digital cutting and creasing process for post print processes in the folding carton and corrugated carton industries.

For more information, visit www.sunautomation.com.

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