EFI Launches Mobile App for Print Management Systems

BIRMINGHAM, UK | EFI launched a Mobile Client for Apple mobile devices. EFI Mobile Client lets users view and control EFI Pace and Monarch workflow software as well as control and monitor all EFI-XF-driven printers and software for production and proofing via the iPhone, iPad, or iPod. With access to EFI Fiery XF and Colorproof XF RIPs, users can view, preview, proof, print, and delete jobs on the move.

From an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, users can connect and log in via mobile network or WiFi. The EFI XF Mobile Client provides a window on Pace or Monarch print management systems. Users can view and monitor job status. EFI’s new mobile app also connects to the EFI XF Server, the heart of EFI’s professional-level RIPs for proofing and production. Users can preview jobs and monitor status; proof, print ,and delete print jobs; check job verification results; and monitor the server, workflow and printing device status.

“This new app gives our customers unlimited mobility,” said Stefan Spiegel, general manager of EFI’s Graphic Arts Solutions business. “Accessing and controlling print jobs remotely is not new. What is new is that now you don’t even need a computer to do it. All you need is a mobile device.”

Visitors to IPEX saw the EFI Mobile Client at work at the EFI stand.

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