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Canada’s Wholesale Pocket Folders and America’s Trade Only Folders Installs the Scodix Ultra 101 Digital Enhancement Press

Wholesale Pocket Folders & Trade Only Folders (WPF), a subsidiary of APD Printing announced the installation of a new Scodix Ultra 101 digital enhancement press. It supports the company’s finishing capabilities in the production of food labels and product shelf packaging, saddle stitched and perfect bound promotion materials and literature, as well as various other printing products.
“Delivering value-priced quality has been the foundation for our success, especially in the pocket folder market. Our production team continues to take quality to the next level, and the Scodix press will enable us to go even further,” said Luis Perez, general manager, APD.

“Traditionally, we have produced raised embossing effects by standard analog spot UV and foil stamping methods. We are constantly in search of improved workflow and output tools. Though we’ve only just installed the Scodix system, we’re already very comfortable with how much easier and production-friendly these enhancements now become,” he added. 

The Scodix Ultra 101 is an affordable digital enhancement press designed for commercial offset and HP Indigo presses. This dynamic press reportedly produces unmatched quality, both on time and on budget.

The Scodix Ultra 101 press also supports up to six different Scodix applications including variable data, foiling, Scodix Metallic™, Scodix Cast&Cure™, Scodix Glitter™ and Scodix Sense™ raised printing enhancements, adding exponential digital value to standard 2-D prints.

For more information, visit https://apdprinting.com.

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