Hybrid Integration & Radius Solutions Team Up for Packaging & Printing Markets

LAS VEGAS, NV | A joint press release was issued on the first day of FTA’s INFO*FLEX 2010 on May 1, between Hybrid Integration, a software development company for the printing, publishing, packaging and specialty markets, and a leader in print management solutions, and Radius Solutions Ltd., claimed the world’s largest Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software provider focused exclusively on the packaging and printing industries. Together the companies announced that Hybrid Integration would extend the power of Radius Solutions’ flagship product, PECAS Vision, by providing fully integrated prepress solutions using Hybrid products including GoTicket, GoPrint, GoProof and Job Management System tightly integrated to PECAS Vision.

Their first co-developed and commercially available product is Radius InterVision, a web portal for clients or customer service representatives which allows them to view their critical data online and on demand. The product is reportedly fully expandable to provide soft copy proofing and collaboration of production files using Hybrid’s GoProof and Job Management System technology. Additional co-developed solutions will also provide a customized prepress job ticket with a very robust bi-directional connection to Radius Solutions’ PECAS Vision, using Hybrid’s GoTicket product, as well as a direct interface to prepress production systems from EskoArtwork, Kodak, and others using industry standard protocols.

Mr. David Taylor, president and CEO of Radius Solutions stated, “Hybrid Integration has an impressive, scalable technology to complement our solutions.  By partnering together we are able to expand the value we can offer to clients, helping them to increase efficiencies while improving their own service to their customers.  Our clients have been expressing an interest in full integration between PECAS Vision and prepress solutions, and Hybrid Integration is the right partner to meet that requirement in the marketplace.”

Mike Rottenborn, president and CEO of Hybrid Integration, commented, “Radius Solutions is the preeminent packaging MIS/ERP provider. Customer demand has driven us together and this fact will sustain our relationship as we provide cohesive joint development projects, common architecture based on industry standards, and ever-increasing value to our clients.”

A customer, Bill Van Jura of Multi Packaging Solutions, said, “This cooperation between two world class software providers to the graphic arts and packaging segments has increased our prepress efficiency. Customers like MPS will continuously benefit from Radius and Hybrid getting together.”

In addition to Multi Packaging Solutions, other clients that have driven interaction between Radius and Hybrid Integration are York Label, Impressions, and MPI.

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