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YouTube: The Modern How-To Guide

Sam JonesI am amazed at the number of do-it-yourself projects I get myself into these days, and the more projects I do, the more I reach for the key board and employ YouTube in my preparation phase. In just the past three months, I have fixed a modern front-loading washing machine, replaced my own Dell Laptop LCD panel (special thanks to my son Eric for cracking the LCD), and figured out how to open my next-to-impossible Otter Box for Iphone 5.

In years past, I have fixed idle problems on Fords, reprogrammed computers, replaced power supply circuit boards in obsolete flat screen TVs…the list goes on.

Sure, there are millions of videos with mindless nonsense, opinions, movies, games, music, sports, and satire; so, how can the modern business person utilize this mega information center for marketing, problem-solving, and discovering untapped potential in the market place? The answer always seems to be a few keystrokes in the search bar.

I am astounded at the obscure machines and cutting applications that apply to my company's specific markets. Fish head removal, chicken eviscerators, beef skinners, fiber chopping, and tire recycling are just a few of the machines someone like myself can research and review videos of in their operating environment to gain a better understanding of mechanical processes and knife and blade improvement opportunities.

What might you find on YouTube for your business? A search for slitting and rewinding alone produces 1,000-plus results on YouTube and many of these short, informative videos offer quick insights to the manufacturer about how to improve yield, fix simple problems, or just investigate a different system for future consideration. The options can be limitless.

For example, this video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FeBDdRq_xPY regarding a foil slitting machine by Pinnacle Converting Equipment, can give users a firsthand view of the company’s ability to build effective machinery before they begin a custom purchase of their own.

Industrial Blade specialist Sam Jones, executive VP for CB Mfg. and American Cutting Edge in Dayton, OH, has spent the past eight years as an industry consultant for custom knife and blade applications, processes, and design. Contact him at 888-252-3372 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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