monta Emerges from Fire Stronger Than Ever

IMMENSTADT, GERMANY | monta Klebebandwerk GmbH, a manufacturer of self-adhesive tape with natural rubber adhesive, reports on its progress one year after a fire destroyed production lines in the slitting department and left two large coating lines in a neighboring hall covered with soot. A complete new hall had to be designed and built, and machines requiring months of lead time had to be ordered and delivered in Immenstadt with precise timing. 

Six weeks after the fire, the demolition and cleanup operations at the burned down production hall were already largely completed. After a thorough cleaning of the soot-damaged hall housing the coating lines and the welcome support of external suppliers, production was restarted in the facilities mid-year with two rental machines. With these measures, the ongoing employment of all staff members was secured.

In late summer the construction of a new production hall began as scheduled. By the start of 2016, the building shell was finished. In the first quarter of 2016 the setup of the technical equipment and installations took place as well as the delivery and commissioning of seven new high-performance slitters. On March 15, 2016, the first adhesive tape was slit in a trial production. The start of the regular production operations is planned for end of April.

The company’s product range includes PVC, BOPP, MOPP (strapping), paper, and PET self-adhesive tapes in different thicknesses and colors. The product portfolio is complemented by adhesive tape with hot melt and acrylic adhesive technology. monta employs a total of 130 staff members and produces more than 220 million m2 of adhesive tape per year. 

Managing director Johann Amoser gives thanks to all who contributed to adhering to the strict time schedule. “Naturally, in first line this was our own staff. But we have received support and practical help from many sides, for which we wish to express a warm thank you to all. And our customers have always held to us, so that despite the fire, monta could sustain 80% of the turnover. Our shared aim, to stand on our own feet again after twelve months, has become reality. And we are very, very proud of this.”

He adds, “The seven new slitting machines are a quantum leap for monta. Thanks to the best available technology and many years of experience of our employees, we are even more efficient now. With state-of-the-art technology we will be able to serve customer requirements concerning innovation and reliability geven better.”

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