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Control Static on a Winding Roll

Where should I install static bars on a winding roll?

Dissipation Time for Wound Roll

How long must we wait for static to dissipate from a wound roll sitting on a concrete floor?

Striving to Improve

In our business, we share the desire to get better every day. Striving to improve is in the DNA of modern business … especially manufacturing.

Static Beat | Static Dissipator Neutralization Efficiency

When do you need active static bars with high static dissipation performance?

Static Dissipator Performance

Here, I provide my analysis of static dissipator neutralization efficiency. While this is a "first principles" analysis making it only approximate, it provides two important insights and a key quantitative result.

Static Beat | Should Static Brushes Touch?

Should static brushes or ionizing cords touch webs or rolls to neutralize static?

CPP-Patent That

How should you decide whether to file a patent application on a new technical breakthrough?

Static Beat | How Do Passive Dissipaters Neutralize Static?

How does a static brush, a tinsel strand, or an ionizing cord neutralize static?

Presentation - So, Should We Patent That?

How should you decide whether to file a patent application on a new technical breakthrough?

Passive Dissipater Operation

How do passive dissipaters work with no external power source?

First Static Dissipater

Why was the first static dissipater invented? And, who was the inventor?

Static Beat | Static Bar Spacing

How far away can a static dissipater be mounted and still neutralize a web?

Static Beat | High Static on Unwinding Rolls

Why does unwinding a roll of homogeneous web generate so much static electricity?

Static Beat | Unwinding Roll Tribocharging

What measurements can you take to learn if tribocharging is occurring at the unwinding nip?

Static Beat | S-Wrap Rollers

The web exits S-wrapped rollers with static on both sides. How can we neutralize this static?

Will 2 Bars Always Neutralize Static?

Will 2 static bars facing each other effectively neutralize static on both sides of the web?

Static Beat | How Do Static Wands Work?

A static wand often is used to remove static from a wound roll. After treatment, is the roll static free?

Static Beat | Laminators Present Static Challenges

Static control for laminators is complex because static charges can be sealed inside by the laminator.

Static Beat | Control Static at the Corona Treater

Static from corona treaters can cause several problems, including coating non-uniformities, contamination from dust attraction, and hot rolls at the winder. How can we neutralize static without affecting the treatment level?

Static Beat | Side Matters

When installing tinsel or a static bar near the web, does it matter which side it's on? If so, why does side matter?

Static Beat | How To Eliminate Hot Rolls

Neutralizing static when unwinding a hot roll is difficult and almost always ineffective. So, what can be done?

Static Beat: Beat Winter Static

Now is the time for maintenance and process adjustments to prevent winter static.

Unwinding Static

Static comes and goes. It is often just an annoyance. Sometimes, static can be the root cause for a significant amount of waste

Static Beat: Off-Line Charging Measurements

Customer requirements are constantly changing. Suppliers work hard to gain a performance edge or a cost advantage. The pace of change is fast, and the

Static Beat: Charge Control Antistatic Layers

Product formulations are driven by features and costs. The product must satisfy customer requirements, and the production costs must support an acceptable

Static Jargon and Standards

As with may technical areas, static has jargon that can be a barrier to understanding. A good place to start is NFPA 77, Recommended Practice on Static Electricity. There are many US and international standards on static electricity. There are many are overlapping standards and they are not alway consistent. Still, there is a common thread of understanding that is important to follow … it is just that the common thread can easily be lost in the forest of standards!

Static Beat: Conductive Antistatic Layers

Static charges cause a number of problems in production operations and in customer applications, including sparks that damage products or ignite solvent

Using Electrostatic Voltmeters

Static problems are challenging to solve because static dissipaters, such as ionizing strings or static bars, should be located to treat the side of the

Static Beat: How To Use Electrostatic Fieldmeters

Electrostatic fieldmeters are useful and versatile tools for solving static problems. Static charging problems are challenging to diagnose because the

Static Beat: Prevent Winter Static

Static becomes worse in the winter when heating systems operate. Cold air holds less moisture than warm air. So, the relative humidity of heated air is

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