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Q&A with Enercon’s Sales Director Mike McConnell

Enercon is celebrating its 50th year in business, what has made the company so successful?

That question is best answered in the words of our customers. We routinely hear that the equipment we supply is exactly what the customer needs. And this is because we know surface treating applications, and we know what it takes to make reliable equipment for challenging environments.

It’s no secret that we’re the number one surface treating supplier in the USA, we’ve earned that spot and are very proud of it. In fact, I can’t tell you how many times we’ve replaced treating equipment that has been shipped in from Europe. Our customers simply have higher expectations when it comes to performance and support. And that’s exactly where our focus lies.

Tell us about new products Enercon has been working on?

Enercon just released our new removable cartridge design with quick disconnect electrodes. The design is innovative because it reduces downtime associated with electrode replacement and maintenance, while retaining all the features & benefits of our current electrode assembly design. We’re also about to release a new product for blown film lines which will make operations more efficient.

What changes are you seeing in demand for corona treaters?

We’re seeing a heightened desire for maximizing operator safety. More converters are taking advantage of Enercon designs in this area. We have numerous types of mechanical and electronic guarding, interlock, and safety features which can be matched to each customers’ operational requirements.

How do plasma, flame & ozone surface treating technologies compare to corona?

As the only manufacturer of all these technologies Enercon is well equipped to determine which technology is best for our customer’s applications. An extrusion coating line is a great example where a flame treater, corona treater and ozone generator are all used to support the converting process. And Plasma is an excellent choice when other technologies are un- able to achieve the desired results.

What are emerging applications for surface treating technologies?

We’re doing a lot of work in the battery industry treating anode, cathode, and battery separator material to improve adhesion. In other areas our technologies are used in the production of new films that are pushing the envelope on sustainability & recyclability. In fact, our lab is the proving ground for many of these new developments for both film substrates and equipment innovation.

Can you provide an update on Enercon’s new corporate headquarters?

Absolutely, our teams will soon be moving into the new facility, and we are all tremendously excited. The new facility features new laboratories, dedicated space for research & development, customer training and more. In addition, with the added space our capacity and efficiencies will increase. This is a great investment for both Enercon employees and customers.

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