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Winpak Technologies is a global packaging group that manufactures and distributes high quality machines and packaging materials for the food, beverage,

Fun with Force Gauges

In today's world of high-tech electronic gadgets, a force gauge may seem unglamorous, but I hope to convince you a force gauge is something you should have and use.

Reduce Web Nip Problems

Web handling is about transport and delivery, getting from point A to point B, without damaging the product. It is relatively easy to move a web across a free span or over an unnipped roller, but getting into and through a nip can be a show stopper for many processes or products. As a web handler, you should consider nips your tough customers.

Friction Circles on a Winter's Day

Doing doughnuts — this was the term my high school friends called the art of driving around in snow-covered parking lots, spinning your back tires during a hard turn to get your car to fishtail in a circle.

Get More with Less

Brakes and clutches are yet more converting-process components affected by this “less is more” philosophy.

Don't Ignore the Importance of Your Trim Removal System

To some, it may be presumptuous to regard trim removal systems as critical, but industry experts agree these systems are the unsung heroes of any converting operation.

Linebackers, Leashes, & Superman: A Look at Stress

Do you work well under pressure? How you react is dependent on the level of pressure or stress exerted on you. How your product reacts to pressures or stresses also will depend on the stress level it feels.

Small Flexing, Big Benefits

All spiral rollers, whether rigid or flexible, are con artists. Their turning roller's barber pole optical illusion tricks your eye. The rotating spirals, starting at the roller center, create a sense of outward motion.

Where Does a Spreader Spread?

Spreader rollers are important tools for web handlers with two main applications. First, they can spread a web after slitting, creating a gap between

Pay Attention to Tension

Our web handling expert reveals the subtle secrets of the slitting/rewinding process.

The Long & the Short of Web Bending

Last month I reviewed the parallel entry principle (PEP), how a web wants to “go with the flow” of a roller's surface.

Going with the Parallel Flow

Parallel flow usually is a good thing. In driving your car down the road, if you and the other drivers agree to keep parallel to the lines in the road,

A Slippery Answer to Web Scratching

What percent slippage in idler roller speed relative to web speed is required to create scratches? Answer #1: Zero percent slip. Scratches are a form

Winding Better Rolls

It's not obvious how winding adds value to your product (it does), but it is obvious when it's done poorly.

Can't Touch This (Web): Part 3

Over the last two months, I have reviewed why some webs demand U Can't Touch This and web line options for true touch-free web handling. This month, let's

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