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Pillowing Puzzle

Creative thinking and a wrinkle remover from CAC resolve a perennial problem for Relizon Co.

Can't Touch This (Web): Part 1

More than a decade ago, rapper MC Hammer made famous forever the line U Can't Touch This. I've worked with converters who use this phrase to describe

Cinching Belt Tightening Gone Bad: Part One

In today's economic climate, belt tightening sounds like a fiscally wise move. Belt tightening, also known as cinching, is good for budgets, trash bags,

A Well-Balanced Process Line

Minimal maintenance practices that resolve roll unbalance can add up to higher product quality, better equipment, performance, and a bigger bottom line.

Differential Rewinding: Part Three

This month we continue our diagnosis of differential rewinding. The last two columns reviewed the whys and hows of differential rewinding, but before filling your prescription for two new differential shafts, let's review potential detrimental side effects.

Differential Rewinding: Part Two

Last month we made the case for using differential rewinding shafts. This month, let's talk about what differentiates one differential shaft from another.

Differential Rewinding: Part One

Don't try to do ten things at once. While this is good advice, sometimes ten things come flying at you at once. If you focus on one item, you risk dropping the other nine.

Five Questions and Answers on Lubrication

Lubrication occurs when a gas or liquid separates or reduces the contact between two surfaces. Lubrication is used intentionally to reduce wear and increase

Thin Webs without Wrinkles

Any converter running webs of thin- and ultra-thin-gauge material, including foil, may experience wrinkle problems. In general, there are at least two

Standing the Test of Time: A Look at PFFC's 75-Year History

Expanded Online Version: Things that withstand 75 years certainly deserve to commemorate the anniversary with a glittering, valuable reminder of a hard-earned and fruitful longevity; perhaps that's why the diamond signifies 75 years.

Standing the Test of Time with Paper, Film & Foil CONVERTER

In the beginning, there were precious few magazines to rival the editorial coverage of a fledgling The Envelope Industry. The date was March 1927, and

Well Done Tension

I'm in love with a new gadget that makes cooking easier. It's the electronic temperature probe. These have been available for manufacturing applications


1920s and 1930s 1940s 1960s 1970 - 1973 1974 - 1976 1977 - 1979 1980s 1990 - April 1993 May 1993 - 1994 1995 - 19992000 to present The 1950s...Known as

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Deal with Traction Problems

Rollers are the hands of web handling the hands we use to grip the web to meet our goals for web speed, position, and flatness. To be able to position

Strand Tracking Problems on Your Slitter/Rewinder

A slitter/rewinder has two goals: Divide the web into strands (slitting); and create uniform individual rolls (winding). This plan has three potential

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