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Hey Buddy Can You Spare a Dyne?

Dyne tests only work when you do it right

Corona Treating System

Plastic films are non-porous and typically have low surface tension. 

Vetaphone Moves Beyond Industry 4.0

Vetaphone has taken Industry 4.0 to a new level according to company CEO, Frank Eisby.

Alco Seeks Out Vetaphone For New Corona System

When Puerto Rican converter Alco High-Tech Plastics needed a new Corona system for the extrusion side of its business in 2018, it turned to Danish manufacturer Vetaphone. 

Industry Veteran Nate Fales to Lead Enercon Technical Service Team

Enercon Industries Corporation announced Nate Fales will be serving Enercon Customers in the role of service manager.

Corona and Plasma – The Different worlds of Surface Treatment

Vetaphone’s Vice President of Sales, Kevin McKell, gives an overview of the challenges facing converters in today’s complex and competitive marketplace, and explains the technology.

Compak™ Pro Corona Treater Power Supply: Enercon

Enercon’s newest corona treater power supply is designed for professional converters and extruders looking to maximize productivity with best-in-class technology.

ITW Pillar Technologies Offers Industry 4.0 Capability

PillarSync is 4.0-ready technology for remote diagnostic monitoring of corona and plasma treater performance

Vetaphone Corona Units Installed at CeDo

The European company says it has used Vetaphone equipment for years and has always likes the quality and consistency it produces

Vetaphone Offers Guide to Surface Treatment

Vetaphone CEO Frank Eisby separates surface treatment into three sections and talks about the changing face of the process for narrow web converters

Pillar Announces Surface Treatment Service

The new service reportedly enables users to leverage company’s pilot line facilities on a contract or toll basis

SAM Chooses Vetaphone for Surface Treatment

Sung An Machinery had a number of reasons for using Vetaphone equipment in its Test Lab, including its knowledge and after-sales support

Vetaphone Offers Corona Treatment Tester

The iCorona Film Tester 1000/600 uses three methods of ensuring converters are using corona treatment correctly and effectively

Vetaphone Expansion Program on Target

The Danish supplier of surface treatment expects to double its business by 2020, and has completed the design of a new facility

ITW Pillar Reports Electrode Retraction Technology

HyperSplice is a corona and atmospheric plasma electrode retraction technology said to cut waste, downtime, and electrode replacement costs

Enercon Offers Blown Ion Plasma Technology

Blown Ion Plasma Technology is said to improve adhesion for UV/LED applications on conductive and non-conductive surfaces

Enercon eBook on Treating Is Free

“Getting Started with Corona Treatment” uses an interactive approach to explain the fundamentals of corona treating

Martignoni Forms Alliance with Corona Dynamics

Strategic Alliance is expected to benefit both companies with new customer bases and marketing segments

Enercon Joint Study Shows Benefits of Atmospheric Plasma Treatment

Company joined Texas Tech University in study showing spunbonded PP nonwoven fabrics treated with atmospheric plasma have improved breathability

Martignoni Corona Treaters for Many Substrates

Plastimetal line is said to save space and offer high-definition treating

Enercon Webinars to Cover Treating & Web Handling

Corona treating basics and handling thin films in and out of treaters are the subjects of two March webinars

Martignoni Improves Corona Treatment for Blown Film

Segmented electrode for Coroflex systems said to provide consistently high level of treatment

PFE Rolls Offer Rolls for Flame Treating

Designed to take on high temperatures, PFE’s rolls for flame treating are offered in two finishes

Enercon’s Plasma Treatment Receives Innovation Award

Recognized for productivity, ecology, and economy, Plasma4 surface treatment is said to offer long-lasting treatment and low gas consumption

Reduce Waste in Pattern Treating

Air Treat enables pattern treating and remote electrode segment actuation. Operators can set treater electrode segments from the operator interface and

Surface Treating: Promoting Adhesion

If you're in the converting industry, you're likely amazed by the continually changing landscape of technically innovative products and processes. They

Laminating Corona Treating: Bond Boosting

Golden Eagle Extrusions is willing to find ways to invest in new equipment to expand services to its customers. With a little help from the 2009 stimulus

XOL Automation Joins Enercon's Surface Treating Sales & Service Network

Enercon Industries Corp. has announced the addition of XOL Automation, Beirut, Lebanon, to its surface treatment sales network

Treat Many Materials

Uni-Dyne treating systems, designed for use with digital printing finishing equipment, include both in-line and sheetfed systems that can solve primer,

Heat Transfer Rolls Are Precision Engineered

Thermal-Flo heat transfer roll is engineered with precision to provide the temperature control needed for converting, including flexible packaging applications

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