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Corona and Plasma – The Different worlds of Surface Treatment

Vetaphone’s Vice President of Sales, Kevin McKell, gives an overview of the challenges facing converters in today’s complex and competitive marketplace, and explains the technology.

Compak™ Pro Corona Treater Power Supply: Enercon

Enercon’s newest corona treater power supply is designed for professional converters and extruders looking to maximize productivity with best-in-class technology.

Static Beat | Static Control for Nip Rollers

A nip roller can deposit a lot of static. Put a static dissipator exiting a nip facing the web surface that touched the polymer nip roller.

AMETEK Surface Vision Appoints Divisional VP of R&D

Dr. Shean McMahon to the newly created role of Divisional Vice President of Research and Development.

ITW Pillar Technologies Offers Industry 4.0 Capability

PillarSync is 4.0-ready technology for remote diagnostic monitoring of corona and plasma treater performance

Static Beat | Use Static Splices with Metallized Films

Static splices suppress sparks from metallized webs and films with conducting traces when splices pass over metal rollers.

Vetaphone Corona Units Installed at CeDo

The European company says it has used Vetaphone equipment for years and has always likes the quality and consistency it produces

Static Beat | Static Control for Films with Conductive Layers

Sparks from metallized webs and films with conducting traces are difficult to suppress because static control devices are ineffective.

Vetaphone Offers Guide to Surface Treatment

Vetaphone CEO Frank Eisby separates surface treatment into three sections and talks about the changing face of the process for narrow web converters

Static Beat | Control Static on a Winding Roll

Suppress static sparks on winding rolls to protect operators from shocks, release layers from damage, and labels from blocking.

Polymag Tek & Static Clean Form Alliance

The two companies will distribute each other’s products in North America, providing a suite of cleaning and static elimination solutions

Simco-Ion Says Pinning Bar Provides High Output

The Pinner-T Bar is energized with company’s charging generators for a safe charge

Pillar Announces Surface Treatment Service

The new service reportedly enables users to leverage company’s pilot line facilities on a contract or toll basis

Worthen Adds Vetaphone Corona Treater On Coating Line

Successful installation leads to a second unit at another facility

SAM Chooses Vetaphone for Surface Treatment

Sung An Machinery had a number of reasons for using Vetaphone equipment in its Test Lab, including its knowledge and after-sales support

Enercon Industries | Surface Treating

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