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Eaglewood Tech Rebrands

Eaglewood Technologies is launching a new website as part of its first rebranding effort in a decade

Simco-Ion Announces New Static Check-up Program

Simco-Ion recently announced the launch of its new Static Check-Up program.  

Eaglewood Tech Rebrands Anilox Cleaning Division

XPress™ Anilox Cleaning Service offers a choice of cleaning technologies from the Sitexco laser system to Sanilox™ In Press or Off Press Cleaning.

Macdermid Graphics Solutions Expands Its Patened Clean Plate Technology Portfolio With Digital MCP

MacDermid Graphics Solutions announced it recently expanded its Patented Clean Plate Technology portfolio with the addition of Digital MCP. 

Leading the Way Towards Sustainability AND Clean Rolls

It’s not often a “green” technology is also a BETTER technology.

Corona Treating System

Plastic films are non-porous and typically have low surface tension. 

Eaglewood Tech Primed for FTA Fall Conference

Eaglewood Technologies will be participating in the FTA Fall Conference, October 28 – 30 in Charlotte, N.C.

Flexo Wash Introduces A New and Improved Handy Anilox Roll Cleaner

Flexo Wash introduces a new and improved handy Anilox Roll Cleaner.

Vetaphone Moves Beyond Industry 4.0

Vetaphone has taken Industry 4.0 to a new level according to company CEO, Frank Eisby.

Enercon Announces Croke as its Director of R&D

Enercon Industries Corporation announced Brian Croke in his new role as the director of research and development.

Flexo Wash Introduces New Plate Washer: The PW 62

Flexo Wash recently introduced the latest addition to its family of plate washers: The PW 62.

Alco Seeks Out Vetaphone For New Corona System

When Puerto Rican converter Alco High-Tech Plastics needed a new Corona system for the extrusion side of its business in 2018, it turned to Danish manufacturer Vetaphone. 

Industry Veteran Nate Fales to Lead Enercon Technical Service Team

Enercon Industries Corporation announced Nate Fales will be serving Enercon Customers in the role of service manager.

Static: Keeping in Under Control

Static control is a crucial part of the converting process.

Corona and Plasma – The Different worlds of Surface Treatment

Vetaphone’s Vice President of Sales, Kevin McKell, gives an overview of the challenges facing converters in today’s complex and competitive marketplace, and explains the technology.

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