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Do Conductive Rubber Coverings Help Reduce Static?

When a web contacts a roller surface, electrons can transfer from one material to the other.

Optimizing Contact Cleaning for New Web Applications

For every coating process, removing particles which result in defects, is key to achieving high yields.

From Surface Treatment to Support

A question-and-answer with Mark Plantier, VP Marketing & Communication, Enercon Industries.

The Importance of Roll Cleaning and Maintenance

A question-and-answer with Joe Walczak, President of Sonic Solutions.

JMIS to host Vetaphone at Converters Expo 2022

Jeff Messenger Industrial Sales (JMIS) will be hosting leading surface treatment specialist Vetaphone at this year’s Converters Expo 2022 in Green Bay, WI. 

Corona Treatment Considerations for Your Company

A question-and-answer with Alyxandria Klein, Marketing and Sales Director, QC Electronics.

Atmospheric Plasma Treatment

SOFTAL Offers a Practical Solution for Improving Adhesion on Thermally Sensitive Materials, Thick Materials, Embedded Electronics, Foam, Panels and More.

Brian Croke Promoted to VP Technology of Enercon Industries Corporation

Enercon Industries Corporation has announced the promotion of Brian Croke to Vice President of Technology.

Corona or Plasma – Which is Best for Your Process?

To determine which surface treatment is best for your process, we first need to understand the basics of surface treatment – what it is, how it works and why it’s important?

Corotec Corporation Joins Inductotherm Group of Companies

Corotec Corporation, an industry leading manufacturer of corona treating systems for surface treatment applications

Integrated Corona Treating System for Labs and Offline Production

Enercon offers a fully integrated, turnkey corona treating system that improves surface energy of films for printing, coating and laminating.

PPG white paper compares static generation and dissipation of three popular label materials

Document examines PPG TESLIN® substrate, vinyl and PET

Taking Control of Static

Why do products get static? What is static? And, how do we get rid of it?

Meech International Appoints Adam Battrick as New COO

Meech International, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of static control and web cleaning solutions, has appointed Adam Battrick as chief operating officer (COO).

Ryan T. Schuelke Promoted to Chief Sales Officer of Enercon Industries Corporation

Enercon Industries Corporation recently announced the promotion of Ryan T. Schuelke to chief sales officer.

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