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Dover Flexo Electronics Announces New Tension Controller

The WebHandler4 offers features of WebHandler5 digital version, but provides analog design for those who prefer simpler, more familiar version

Dover Flexo Electronics Debuts Torque Controller

The EasyWeb open loop torque controller maintains tension with roll diameter calculator and features a simple user interface.

Montalvo Load Cell Controls Tension on Narrow Webs

The XR ribbon-width cantilever load cell, said to measure tension on the narrowest materials, is offered in two mounting styles

NDC Offers Web Gauging Systems

Tdi systems feature robust industrial architecture said to offer speed, reliability, and flexibility

DFE Has New Sizes for Tension Roll, Narrow Web Transducers

Tension transducers are integrated into multiple idler roll sizes for application in a broad range of converting and printing applications

Montalvo Offers Multi-Zone Tension Indicator

The i4-HD is available in both an analog and a digital configuration, is said to provide accurate and repeatable web tension

Web Lines | Winding Process Fundamentals, Pt. 2

In Part 2 of this four-part series, web handling expert Tim Walker tackles tension control from the first to the final lap of the winding roll

Maxson Offers Accumulating Festoon

Allows inline sheeters to match the speed of downline processes

Converter Accessory Corp. Adds Bowed Rolls

Model FB350 bowed rolls from CAC are said to offer repeatable performance for anti-wrinkle applications, and several options are available

Web Lines | Measure Tension Wherever Possible

Web tension is the heartbeat of your process. There is no greater measurement of process quality than on-line tension measurement in all tension zones.

Maxcess Introduces High-Efficiency Brake

The MAGPOWR HEB250 is a cost-effective, low profile pneumatic brake with a sleek design to maximize productivity

Montalvo Going Strong at 65

Marking a milestone in electronic tension control, Montalvo celebrates 65 years of manufacturing brakes, clutches, load cells, and more

Web Lines | Test Your Web Handling Knowledge

Can you pass this 20-question quiz to prove you understand basic principles of web handling?

Montalvo Offers Web Tension Upgrades on Wide Range of Equipment

Web control upgrades increase converters' productivity and profitability for printing presses, corrugators, laminators, slitters, and more

Web Lines: Wrinkling of Foils

In our everyday lives, our main experience with foil likely comes from wrapping a potato in kitchen-grade aluminum foil. Wrinkling thin aluminum foil

Web Lines: Is Wound Roll Pressure Greater Than Tire Pressure?

I'll bet you that your wound roll has more internal pressure than a car tire. To win this bet, I have to prove that internal roll pressure is above 30

Technical Report: Up & Running

Recent innovations have improved the performance of slitter/rewinders dramatically, offering superior wind quality and impressive production rates

Amplifier Easy To Use

The A4 digital amplifier can be calibrated and zeroed with the push of one button. Can be used to remotely calibrate and graphically monitor both raw

Control Tension With Ease

The S4 digital tension controller is said easy to install, set up, and operate, and to ensure uniform tension control regardless of roll diameter by using

Controller Has Intuitive Interface

SteadyWeb 5 digital tension controller gets operators up to speed with minimal training via large 4.3-in. user interface that features illustrated prompts

Sensor Easy To Use

The DPS-1 dancer position dual-axis sensor is said to be versatile and user-friendly, as well as 99.98% accurate. Offers fast response time and high resolution/sensitivity.

Monitor Tension With Accuracy

The TwinAmp dual-tension amplifier features two isolated amplifier circuits on a single rack-mountable card. It can be used to monitor tension accurately

Control Open Loop, Dancer Applications

The Spyder Plus compact tension control adds the ability to control open loop applications, has advanced features for dancer applications, and provides

Solution to Heat-Related Problems

Frigid-X Panel Coolers use Vortex Tube technology to provide what is said to be a simple, inexpensive solution to heat-related problems in industrial

Montalvo Website Features Tension Upgrade

The Montalvo Corp., an international specialist in industrial web control systems, has posted a presentation on its website to explain how to inexpensively upgrade Mark Andy 4120 presses

Brake Handles More Torque

The Global Brake Model F, originally rated to deliver up to 250 lb-ft of torque, now can be placed in applications in which up to 325 lb-ft of torque

Control Tension Precisely

The X-3400 rewind tension controller works to control the slippage of differential winding shafts and controls the torque transferred to the cores. The

Brake Has Many Benefits

The V-400 brake is designed for use in upgrading Martin rollstands. Designed to fit in a very small space, the high-performance brake reportedly offers

Get Accurate Tension Reading

The EasyView tension indicator is a compact, low-cost, general-purpose web tension amplifier with display. Indicator is powered by 24 volts DC and amplifies

Web Lines: What Is a Tension Zone & How Many Are Needed?

Tension and speed control are the two most fundamental purposes of any web handling system. Speed control is easy for most people to understand, since

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