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Make Bags, Pouches

Model GSD-60SZLV three-servo, three-side-seal bag machine features standing pouch and zipper sealing units. Said to ensure excellent tension control for

Thiele Technologies Buys Hudson-Sharp

Thiele Technologies, a div. of Barry-Wehmiller, announces the purchase of The Hudson-Sharp Machine Co., Green Bay, WI, and Brussels, Belgium

The Bag Cycle

On a recent visit to the neighborhood Target, I spotted something I hadn't seen before. Archer Farms, Target's private label, packages its potato chips

Making Pouches With Speed

Ampac Flexibles reports the installation of a new Totani Model BH-80HVLLLS-M pouching machine in its Elk Grove Village, IL, facility.

Bag Sits Flat

Being has become the new cool trend in pouchmaking. A unique, box-like profile combines the best features of a stand-up pouch with those of a true flat

Dirge for a Plastic Bag Part 2

There are more PFFC readers with an opinion on banning plastic bags since my last column in August. And there's still more positive news on the subject,

Weight Reduction

Coating Excellence Intl., a supplier of specialty flexible packaging, has made sustainable development an essential element of its business plan — and ultimately its business success — for the past decade

Plastic Bag Recycling Efforts Lauded

NEW YORK, NY The Progressive Bag Affiliates of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) is applauding the efforts of Penn Jersey Paper Co. and Poly-Pak Industries,

Bagmaking Guiding: Air Solution

Productivity runs at a fast pace at privately owned Duro Bag Mfg. Co

Dirge for a Plastic Bag?

While the dirge-like proliferating news on the subject of plastic bags isn't exactly a hymn or tune, certainly the negativity surrounding the topic is tending to sound slowly and very solemnly like grief and lamentation for the bag's future

More Pouches, More Sizes

CINCINNATI, OH A new Mamata pouching machine is at work in the Cary, IL, facility of Ampac Flexibles. The Vega 610 is giving Ampac the ability to increase

NYC Mandates Plastic Bag Recycling

NEW YORK, NY The Progressive Bag Affiliates of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) reports passage of the New York City Plastic Carryout Bag Recycling

Certifiably Clean

Whatever you do, don't send a fruit basket. That's exactly what one ill-fated bag converter did 25 years ago to apologize when it failed to deliver the

Sustainability—Déjà Vu All Over Again?

For those of us who have enjoyed this industry for more than ten years, the current buzzword defines a trend that has assumed many names in the past.

Green with Envi

Totani America Commercial

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