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Smart Cards | New Technology for Producing RFID Inlays

A state-of-the-art wire-embedding machine allows large format antenna production.

Static Beat | Dissipators Work Where Only 1 Side Has Static

Is it really necessary to install 2 static dissipators? Before you throw me out, let me explain!

Coating Matters | Energy Storage Devices

From lithium-ion batteries to capacitors to solar panels, one common feature is they are all produced through a coating method

Static Beat | Control Static on Insulating Webs in Dryers

How to protect solvent dryers/ovens from sparks caused by static on insulating webs.

Web Lines | When Do Small Rollers and Cores Cause Defects?

Are you exerting excessive strain on your web?

Coating Matters | Film Split Defects

When there are two rolling surfaces moving in the same direction, the fluid needs to decide which surface to follow. But how is this decision made?

Web Lines | Unwritten Rules, Part 2

Here are a couple more web handling rules Tim Walker keeps forgetting to tell you

Enterprise Labeling | Top 5 Trends in 2015

A recent survey of 500+ supply chain professionals has identified these five trends in labeling processes

On Print | UV/EB Inkjet for Food Packaging

Dene Taylor, a presenter at RadTech’s UV/EB West 2015, says packaging printed with energy cure inkjet may be coming soon to a supermarket near you

Web Lines | Unwritten Rules, Now Written

Here are 3 web handling rules Tim Walker keeps forgetting to tell you

Corona Treating | Why All Films Do Not Treat the Same

How well do you understand the relationship between your films and your corona treater?

Barrier Resins | Properties, Processing & Handling of EVOH, Pt. 2

EVOH allows for conversion from foil and metallized film laminations to co-extruded barrier films, but some applications require better flex crack than conventional EVOH alone can provide

Coating Matters | Construction Materials for Coating Equipment

Mark Miller helps you identify the right material selection for tooling that will carry fluid to your substrate

Web Lines | How To Create an MD Running Fold in a Wide Web

Web handling expert Tim Walker offers three options for this folding process

Coating Matters | Membrane Process Technology

Here are a few theories to guide your decision making for achieving the thin coatings needed for filtration

Coating Matters | Coating and Casting Technology for Water Filtration

The fundamentals of air entrainment, entrapment, and rheology are critical to product success

Barrier Resins | Properties, Processing & Handling of EVOH, Pt. 1

EVOH, even after abuse, has allowed for conversion from foil and metallized film laminations to co-extruded barrier films

UV/EB | North American Market for Energy Curing Technologies

PRIMIR study provides the latest word on ultraviolet and electron beam curing in printing

On Print | Digital Printers for Real Converters

Advances in technology now make it possible for you to handle the move to digital just like you did when bringing in flexo or gravure

Coating Matters | Multi-Layer Coating

To provide more than one fluid at a time to a substrate, a pre-metered method like slot die coating is required

Static Beat | Solvent Coater Static Control for Insulating Webs

With insulating film, protect solvent coaters from static sparks with 3 devices

Static Beat | Static Dissipator Locations

Install static dissipators to control static. Easier said than done! Exactly where should they go?

Web Lines | The Case of the Missing Pacer

How can a system with only two slipping torque elements control speed?

On Print | Are You Cured? Proper Cure Is Up to You

How can you give a 100% guarantee that you will never ship any uncured or under-cured material?

Coating Matters | Everything You Wanted to Know about Coating But Were Afraid to Ask

Developing a new coated product? Here is a set of questions that can lead the process engineer in the right direction going forward.

Coating Matters | Designing Equipment for Fluid Flow

In premetered coating, a slot die is the control valve that turns fluid flow through a pipe into a precise, flat, and even coating on a continuous substrate. How does a chunk of metal do this?

On Print | Measuring Print Quality Within and Across Platforms

A print quality measurement service provides a method to quantify press performance

Web Lines | The Case for Shorter (and Longer) Acceleration Times

Should you change the acceleration time on your slitter/rewinder? Web handling expert Tim Walker offers the pros and cons

On Print | Digital Printing: New Year Resolution

Resolution for digital devices is a source of confusion. Printing expert Dene Taylor offers advice and resources

Static Beat | Static Dissipator Neutralization Efficiency

When do you need active static bars with high static dissipation performance?

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