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Combi Pack Ready & Solventless - Corp Video

The Combi Pack Ready Laminator combines Thermal and Solventless Adhesive Technologies for a disruptive tool for label converters entering flexible packaging space as well as an innovative machine for large converters to optimize digital as well as luxury offering while keeping the solventless wheelhouse. To summarize, Thermal lamination is easy, fast, luxurious with ample supply chain and with the ability to create retort type destructive bonds without adhesives. More on The Combi Pack Ready Laminator: About Karlville Providing flexible packaging converting machinery solutions, Karlville supplies lamination, coating, slitting & inspection, laser, shrink sleeves and pouch making machines. In terms of innovation, Karlville supplies the HP Indigo Pack Ready Laminator. This technology is a set of post-print converting solutions for HP Indigo digital presses that provides zero-cure-time lamination, enabling digital converters to print, laminate and pack on demand for immediate time-to-market. With Global Support facilities, Karlville markets and services in all Key HP markets, NA, EMEA, LATAM and APJ. More info:

Polykote Corporation & Virtual Graphics Testimonial

Nicholas and John Guzzo of Polykote Corporation and Virtual Graphics LLC discuss their 62" wide coating and laminating line from New Era Converting Machinery, Inc. that allows them to go 3 times faster with larger roll diameters, and gives them FOUR TIMES better efficiency than they were previously capable of.

Mark's Coating Matters | Defects

A lesson in Defects from Mark Miller, Co-Founder of Coating Tech Slot Dies ( Mark's Coating Matters | Defects Transcript In the fluid coated industry, one of the most important things you need to look at is what happens with the fluid after it exits the slot die. As a process engineer you're concerned about how that final product looks. So, when you get the fluid onto the web you need to make sure it's the final product in the final form exactly how you expected it. So, what happens when you have a defect? Well, I look at it as a three step process. The first step being visualization. When you have the fluid coming out and you end up with a streak, a mis-coating, a herringbone issue, something where you have a defect you want to analyze the first step is to visualize what that defect is. So, what way do you visualize it? You need to look at it with the naked eye. You need to look at it under a microscope. Use your online inspection equipment and that way you're going to get a full grasp of what it is. As an example, when I was looking at a fluid coated product in the past, I was a process engineer that had a streak. I thought for sure that streak was going to be the problem of the slot die. Because the fluid comes out of the slot die we tend to blame the last place that fluid was. After inspection under a microscope we realized that it was actually debris from the web on the web. So, once we implemented cleaning capabilities on the web then we got rid of the defect. So what's the next step in the process? Once you've analyzed and visualized what that is you need to go forward and create a library of those defects so the same mistake is not made again. So what you need to do is take each defect, document it, and make sure the keeper of that document has a full listing of what not only occurred but how it was fixed. Then once you have looked and discovered if that defect has occurred in the past then you have to go through the third step which is the design of experiments. The design of experiments is going to help you not only look at that defect but understand your process overall. Typically, when I look at a DOE or design of experiments, I like to look at a two to the five or five minus one fractional factorial statistical analysis to that design. What that does is it allows you to look at all five possible factors that may be affecting your product with the least number of runs making it a more efficient and a more effective way to understand your process and to look at the defects that are there. So, after you've visualized, after you've created this library and done your analysis, and after you've done your experimentation, I would add that you need to make sure that everyone is aware of what's going on and that you have a control document. Most people miss this final step. This control document is what's going to make sure that the next person in your place or the next person on the line is doing exactly what they need to do to avoid the defects in fluid coating.

Pyradia Web Converting - John Deal Coatings Testimonial - Web coating equipment

Testimonial of John Deal Coating - Adhesive solutions for Industry - following the design, manufacturing and installation of a PSA coating production line at their facilities by Pyradia web converting. SEE PRODUCTS ON pressure sensitive adhesive tape coating machine

Mark's Coating Matters | Process

Insight into Coating Technology Process from Mark Miller, Co-Founder of Coating Tech Slot Dies ( Mark's Coating Matters | Process In the world of developing a product for roll to roll processing, you have to look at both process development and product development. In the product development world, we're looking at the chemistries that are involved, the rheologies, and the viscosities that are occurring from one family of fluids to another family of fluids. But, what I want to concentrate on is the process engineering approach to process development for your product. When you're looking at that and you're dealing with a slot die, there are five main variables that you can attack in order to achieve an understanding of what your coating window is. The coating process window is the boundaries of where you can have your process set for a given fluid or a family of fluids in order to have a product that meets your customers' specifications. So, which are those five variables? The first one is the lip design. The slot dies have a certain geometry to the outside of their lips and that impacts how the fluid flow is going to be placed onto the web, how it's going to be smooth, and how it's going to look in its final form. The second variable is the lip gap. The lip gap is a cubic equation that tells you how that fluid is being sheared and the overall viscosity that is coming out. That has the biggest impact on the final velocity of the fluid. The third variable is the coating gap between the slot die and the substrate. For that slot die to be in the right position for a thin coating you need to precisely position the die to that substrate. The fourth variable is the offset of the upper and lower body. In some cases there is no offset, but you need to have the ability in order to offset that die when you're trying to learn what the process window is for a given set of family fluids. The fifth and final variable that we want to look at is the attack angle of the die to the substrate. In some cases it's just pointing directly to the center of the roll tangent to the substrate. But in some cases you need to be able to change that position so that the fluid has a different meniscus and is pinned to the substrate in order to create a different overall coating effect. With those five process variables, you can work with your chemistry or your product development engineer and you will be able to create not only a coating window but a product window that gets to the most effective product for your manufacturing capabilities.

Evergreen Packaging Testimonial

Hear what Jay and Brent from Evergreen Packaging have to say about New Era and their state-of-the-art high-speed wide web unwind machine.

About Carestream Tollcoating

Carestream Contract Manufacturing offers precision contract coating services, specializing in the application of aqueous and solvent coatings on flexible substrates for a wide range of industrial, medical, electronic and other advanced materials applications. Our engineers and material scientists build on more than 100 years of coating leadership to deliver problem-solving expertise in precision coating applications, including fluid design and preparation. State-of-the-art pilot coaters also make Carestream an ideal partner for product development and rapid scale-up to large volume. As a focus of its corporate growth initiatives, Carestream also enters joint ventures and partnerships that capitalize on its precision coating capabilities and technologies. For additional information, please visit

Pyradia KOR Coating Web converting line

Pyradia KOR Coating Web converting line - Dual Knife Over Roll coating line - Thick coating application - High capacity flotation for specially heavy substrates - Solvent base coating with coater enclosures - Multizone flotation dryers

Mark's Coating Matters | Rheology

A lesson in Rheology from Mark Miller, Co-Founder of Coating Tech Slot Dies ( Mark's Coating Matters | Rheology Rheology is very important in the manufacturing of almost any coating equipment for the fluid industry. So, when we look at what is rheology and how is it important for our application, we need to know two basic things; one is, is it Newtonian or polymeric, and two is what is it's behavior as it goes through the die. That can be defined by a very simple test that is run and the test method that we typically look at is ASTM D4440. If you want to look that up, it's basically an oscillatory or a capillary system that takes your fluid, puts it through, and looks at a range of torques that you can put on a fluid as it goes through a very tight, narrow opening. So, when you look at a slot die what does it have? It has anywhere from one to ten thousand reciprocal seconds or one to ten thousand hertz of shear put upon that fluid. If we can understand how that fluid reacts within that area we can definitely interpolate what's going on, simulate that response, and design a die that's optimum for that product. If you're looking at designing the die and you don't have that full range of material it's dangerous because if you start extrapolating you can have something that looks Newtonian for a while but then it starts to shear thin when it starts to get into the higher levels of shear stress. So what I would say is when you're designing a die or when you're looking for someone to design a die for you, make sure that you have a full understanding of that fluid as it goes through that slot die system. All the way from the tank, the pump, and the hoses, all the way to the die, and then you can worry about how it exits and how it looks as you're making your final product.

Maxpro Window Films Testimonial

Hear what Joe and Ron from Maxpro Window Films have to say about New Era and their state-of-the-art clean room coating and laminating line.

Kapco Coating Capabilities

Music: Life of Riley by Kevin MacLeod (

Gemini Coating & Laminating Process

Since its inception in 1970, Dunmore has lead the way in developing not only new technologies but also in creating innovative applications for thin films and fabrics. Take a brief look around and the chances are very good that you will see or touch something that incorporates a product made by Dunmore. From the durable labels used to identify critical cell phone components, to the materials used to insulate the building where you work and your home, the filmic products used in the manufacture of aircraft's thermal and acoustic insulation as well as the cabin interior... and let's not forget the thermal protection systems used to insulate the satellites that are critical for communication today; Dunmore products are an integral part of the everyday things of life that we take for granted. Whether it be coating, metalizing or laminating on plastic films, fabrics or foils, Dunmore continues to be in the forefront of technology, providing the materials needed in today's ever expanding marketplace and preparing to meet the needs of tomorrow. In fact, two new advanced coater laminator systems are an example of Dunmore's commitment to our customers' future. The two production lines are the centerpiece of DUNMORE's Gemini Series coating and laminating process. Gemini is designed to make production of the most technically challenging thin films a normal manufacturing process. It combines the two, multi-function coating and laminating machines with DUNMORE's 40-plus years of experience in advanced film development and production. DUNMORE is an acknowledged leader in creating unique products by combining coatings and laminations to substrates that few others can process. Continuing that tradition, the company created the Gemini process to address strategic partners' growing needs for increasingly complex filmic products.

Coating Tech Slot Dies | Overview

An introduction to Slot Die Technology from Mark Miller, Co-Founder of Coating Tech Slot Dies ( Coating Tech Slot Dies | Overview Slot die technology can be broken down into three main areas; process knowledge, precision manufacturing, and product performance. When you look at designing the slot die, you need to know what the end is before you can start. So, we need to look at what is the final product going to perform like, how we are going to get the fluid to get distributed evenly, and how we are going to apply that to the other process parameters that are important. When you look at slot die technology, there's one function of a five function formula. It includes the slot die, positioning of the slot die in a specific spot, the roll that you're coating against, the substrate that you have, and the fluid you're coating. Once you understand all five, you're going to make that slot die perform excellently. So, you need to concentrate on the process knowledge that you have and getting the best precision manufactured pieces that you need for you equipment and ultimately you're going to have the best product performance for your bottom line.

Vacuum Metallizing Process - Dunmore Corporation

Vacuum metallization is a process that creates a unique quality finish used in the manufacture of products worldwide. From aerospace, insulation and surfacing films used in appliance and automotive applications to packaging films, and labels -- vacuum metallizing is a widely used process found in many applications. Dunmore Corporation has been a trusted provider of roll-to-roll vacuum metallized films and materials for more than 40 years. Vacuum metallization is a form of physical vapor deposition, meaning that metal is combined with a non-metallic substrate through evaporation. Aluminum is the most commonly used metal in the process due to its aesthetic and functional properties.

Chemsultants International, Inc. Overview

Chemsultants is different than other "research", product development or testing labs. Our scientists do it all specializing in developing innovative new products and complete technology packages for companies around the world. You probably use products every day that have been developed and tested in our labs for over 25 years. We grew up with the Industry and we know product performance is critical. That's also why the ChemInstruments line of testing equipment was developed to test and measure the performance of a wide variety of adhesives and materials in research and production settings

Eclipse Laser Video Final

The Eclipse Laser Cleaning System uses a proprietary rotary laser scanner – this unique technology prevents hot spots from forming. Our 50 watt system removes all types of ink and coatings, including silicones, adhesives, epoxies, UV, resins, and more! Other benefits include NO waste, low operating costs, and automation.

AGL 76 Industrial Laminator

AGL 72in Industrial Converting Laminator

AGL Patriot

The KAPCO Challenge

Kapco Coating Capabilities

Music: Life of Riley by Kevin MacLeod (

Coating Solutions that Close the Loop

Super Simplex e800

Nordmeccanica offers a specific laminator solution for the industry of labels in general and digital printers specifically. Super Simplex e800. A narrow web solvent less laminator featuring the highest lamination quality available in the industry for coating consistency and perfect web handling, state of the art energy efficiency and no emissions.

Super Simplex e800 - Nordmeccanica

Super Simplex e800 the Nordmeccanica solvent less laminator developed in cooperation with HP Indigo to serve the narrow web converters equipped with digital presses.

KAPCO Converts

KAPCO’s unique position as a coater AND converter enables them to provide complete solutions to help streamline your supply chain.

New Era Converting Builds & Installs Coating & Laminating Line for Jessup Manufacturing

Learn how New Era Converting Machinery Inc. built and installed a coating and laminating line for Jessup Manufacturing during a global pandemic. “For us, it’s all about meeting the growing and expanding needs of our customers. “This new line from New Era gives us a strong competitive advantage and allows us to deliver a level of product innovation that gives our customers true differentiation in their markets.” Rob Jessup, President & CEO, Jessup Manufacturing

Nordmeccanica Series

During the Covid years Nordmeccanica pioneered a new format to keep customers updated on technological evolutions, new products and new technologies in an era when for safety reasons industry shows and open houses have been suspended. The format named “Nordmeccanica Series” featured 5 episodes. The Covid emergency has gone but the “Nordmeccanica Series”, now a classic in the industry, will continue. The format is based on live shows aired Worldwide in high definition. The clip will show you a brief recap of past episodes. All past episodes available at Requires registration.

Rigaku NEX LS Scanning Multi element Coating Analyzer

Want more control over your silicone coat weights? Designed explicitly to meet the needs of challenging conditions found in coating and converting processes, NEX LS from Applied Rigaku Technologies helps maintain routine quality control for web applications. The NEX LS linear scanner provides real-time Si coat weight profiling of your process.

New Era Converting Builds & Installs Coating & Laminating Line for Jessup Manufacturing

A testimonial from Jessup Manufacturing related to their New Era Coating and Laminating Line installation

TC Overview

Advanced Coating Solutions- Partner with us for high-quality custom coatings, films, foils, adhesives & more. We develop the highest quality advanced coating solutions for all applications and markets. Rely on our industry-leading precision contract & toll coating services for tried and proven solutions that meet the highest standards in all industries.

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