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Slitting Machine 19

We are Delta ModTech

From our founding in 1978 as a service provider for servo systems and motion control in the machine tool industry, to today’s technology of full production Delta ModTech converting, coating and packaging lines, Delta ModTech has successfully pursued excellence in the design, implementation, and service of motion-controlled manufacturing systems. From tight tolerance die cutting to unique pouching requirements, Our machines are engineered for your toughest challenge.

We're Dover Flexo Electronics - The Tension Control Specialists

Dover Flexo Electronics (DFE) manufactures and services a full line of tension measurement, display and control equipment for the flexible materials printers, converters and web processors. We are a leader in developing closed-loop web tension control products & technology. This is our introduction video.

ARCS/Eclipse™ Anilox Roll Laser Cleaning System

Check out our revolutionary ECLIPS® Laser Cleaning System. Our proprietary circular laser scanner prevents hot spots from forming, eliminating the risk of roll damage associated with traditional linear lasers. Our Class 1 Laser System handles all cylinder types and can remove tough inks, coatings, adhesives, and more. (800) 699-3722

Endura Waterproof Laminating Films from D&K

Endura Overlams offer a durable thermal laminating solution that is completely waterproof. These polyester (PET) overlams are stronger than other thermal products on the market, making them ideal for demanding applications including cards, menus, durable labels, etc. Link video to:

Fife DST 1 Object Recognition Sensor

The DST-1 sensor from Fife brings a revolutionary breakthrough in sensor technology by utilizing object recognition to guide the most challenging materials other sensors simply can’t. With an intuitive touchscreen for setup and calibration, changing materials is a breeze. From mesh material to wire gauge and frayed materials, challenging materials are no problem for the DST-1

Corona Treating For Coating

Corona treating is used to improve adhesion of water-based, solventless, solvent based, and UV curable coatings and laminates. In most applications, Enercon’s high definition corona treaters with ceramic electrodes are used. Enercon works with coating & laminating manufacturers to seamlessly integrate our technologies into their systems. For more information, call + or visit

Davis Standard Corporate Video

Davis-Standard is a global leader in the design, development and distribution of converting technology. We optimize our customers’ productivity and profitability by providing the best total solution (product + support). We serve our customers from a unique perspective. That means, we supply the best combination of product and support services to help customers achieve their business goals. Website url:

The Faustel PerfectStart Rewind Transfer

The Faustel PerfectStart™ is a patented core-to-core rewind transfer system that allows a running web to transfer to a new core on the fly. PerfectStart™ transfer units leave no tail, eliminating waste, and have been used effectively for fold-free transfer of a wide variety of material types, thicknesses, and widths.

American Roller Company

As the only solutions provider with all capabilities in-house, American Roller is proud to be a trusted and dependable supplier of custom cores, high-release coatings, and durable coverings. Our dedicated in-house team of engineers, research scientists, and technical field experts partner with our customers to provide comprehensive expertise, convenience, and solutions that optimize production processes.

Coating Solutions that Close the Loop

Mechanical Specialties, Inc Self Locking Core Chucks

Video shows the patented self locking method of our chucks and how the chuck grips the cardboard core. Unique in their simplicity of design and function.

Mechanical Specialties New 3"/6" Core Cutter


The Catbridge Difference

The Catbridge Difference......we build solutions!

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